[授權翻譯][NC17][EC]When we learn to Love and Hate I

Category: Cherik
Title: When we learn to Love and Hate
Author: Hyperballad
Translator: Analgisia (軒璘)
Fandom: X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)
Rating: NC17
Characters/Pairings: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier, a novice working for Lehnsherr Enterprises, meets the homophobic boss from hell, Erik Lehnsherr. They hated each other but tolerated one another for the job at hand. Little did they know that being together all the time will change their lives forever and bring them closer to one another in a way they never thought possible...


For unvb, lisa999.

Greetings to all! I'm kind of on a half-hiatus status and will be popping in indefinitely, but I'm posting my weird shit again! LOL! ^_^ I'm a big fan of Yaoi, so I am doing this as a sort of homage. I just love it to bits but I really hate it when some of them end up so tragic. I'm bringing this topic up because as you can see, my work is heavily influenced by Yaoi. I love that Seme-Uke thing in my pairings and I can't think of anything better ;) I think this new work of mine is deliberately full-on smutty Yaoi and Erik Lehnsherr in this fic starts off as a jerk.This is sort of an experiment for me. I don't know if it will be a success or utter fail! So please dear reader, be gentle with me! XD My work is a mixture of a lot of influences so be my guest and point out any similarities if you will.

A topic I have a bone to pick with because of its inclusion in my fic is Sexual Prejudice. I'm using Homophobia because its the most widely used term out there. I feel that everyone has a right to be themselves but if our actions impact others so negatively — using a position of power to bully, harass and hurt anyone different from us because we can't accept and understand them — have we truly evolved as human beings socially or emotionally? Or have we been reduced to nothing more than words of hate and discrimination? I am hoping this is not the sum of humanity and I pray for a time to come when we will all stand equal. Thank you always, to the people who care to read my words, even if I am so kooky and ridiculous XD

I would like to dedicate this work to two people. First to unvb, thank you for your awesome art and I will treasure it always T_T and I would also like to dedicate this to Lisa as well, thank you so much for your support for my work, that means a lot to me. T_T <3 I plan on creating a new set of fics for each of you. Kind of working on something personal for now ;)


Original text:http://archiveofourown.org/works/1876074/chapters/4040991

Charles Xavier,是一個剛加入Lehnsherr企業的新人,在這兒他遇見了從骨子裡厭惡著同性戀的上司,Erik Lehnsherr。互相看不順眼的兩人,為了工作而又不得不容忍對方的行為。讓他們怎麼也沒有想到的是,他們竟然在一起了,兩人的生活從此改變...


我超喜歡小黃文的,所以我也會認真寫噠。我雖然很喜歡小黃文但是我不喜歡把它們放在虐文裡。所以你們可以發現我寫的東西還是被小黃文深深影響了的。我真的超愛這對CP的;)我這篇文大概會挺黃暴的,而且Erik Lehnsherr開頭是個挺混蛋的傢伙。這對我來說是一種新的嘗試吧,我不知道效果會如何拉!所以親愛的讀者們請對我溫柔一點!XD 這篇文受了挺多其他梗的影響的,如果發現的話請不要大意地告訴我。


我要把這篇文獻給兩個人。第一個是unvb,感謝你的圖!我會好好珍惜它的T_T 同時我也要送給Lisa,感謝你一直以來對我的支持,這對我來說真的很重要T_T

正如原作妹子所說的此文是Erik恐同人士設定 不得不說前期的Erik又直男癌又歧視 真的還是挺招人嫌的...但是往後發展還是很萌【chun】的啦!!

文章是第一人稱寫作 Erik和Charles的POV都會有噠!!

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